Quilt No.389AC - Ann Cuthbert

Ann Cuthbert
Ann Cuthbert
NSW Sydney
Mrs Wight
Made in
1881 - 1900
Patchwork quilt of hexagons in pattern known as 'Grandmother's flower garden'. All cotton. Rosettes are set in a white 'path' with the centre and first ring in solid colours and the second ring prints. There is a yellow border and an outer border in pink. It is hand pieced and hand quilted. The padding is cotton and the backing is white cotton with 2 border edges in light and dark blue. These borders were originally part of the top. There is an inscription "Dear daughter from Mother".
2390 x 1880mm

The quilt was made in California, USA, by the owner's great, great, great grandmother whose name was Wight and who had come from the Isle of Wight. It is thought to have been made in 1892 and it passed by maternal descent through the next 5 generations. The surnames of the next 3 generations of women are: Stid (great, great GM), Northam (great GM), Whipple (GM). The quilt then passed to Ann Cuthbert's mother, Elizabeth Whipple (later MacGregor) and then to Ann.
The quilt is not used.


There is a history of handwork in the family. The quilt has rarely been used as it was too fragile but Ann Cuthbert recalls it being on her bed as a teenager. Ann came to Australia when she was 10 years old.
It is thought that Mrs. Wight (born 1811) made the quilt for her daughter's birthday.
[Ann Cuthbert requested that the following information be included: The quilt is now with her daughter-in-law (son deceased) in Finland and the address is: Marja Cuthbert, Selininkatn 1 A 13, 33240, Tampere, Finland.]

Surnames are: Wight (seated), Stid, Northam and baby Whipple c.1876
Surnames are: Wight (seated), Stid, Northam and baby Whipple c.1876

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