Quilt No.205BJ - Bev Johnston

Bev Johnston
Bev Johnston
VIC Northern
Charlotte Gambold
Made in
1921 - 1940
Patchwork quilt made from squares and rectangles of pink, blue and white fabric set with a frame of pink and white print around a centre rectangle made of 4 pink triangles. Four corner squares of blue and white stripes, Many squares are pieced from smaller scraps. The Material is a crepe type, possibly used for underwear. Handsewn and machined. Backing is made from cotton scraps, possibly lawn or similar. Padding is flanellete or similar. Edges are bound in a striped material. Quilt shows signs of wear.
620mm x 520mm

Made by Charlotte Gambold, in Wangaratta, probably in the late 1930s. Used as a cot or pram blanket by Mrs Elizabeth Bennett (Charlotte's neice by marriage), and given to the current owner Margaret Wright by her grandmother Elizabeth Bennett. It is not known whether the quilt was given to, or bought by Mrs Bennett.


"Charlotte Gambold was born in 1850 and died in 1951 at the age of 93 years [sic]. She belonged to a family of twelve children � The family eventually settled in Everton on a property called 'Hill View'. Charlotte did not marry and retired to Wangaratta in 1939 with her brother Isaac and sister Emily. They lived in Docker Street in a house between Grey Street and Green Street (the house no longer exists).
Charlotte was part of the community of Everton, in particular involved with the Methodist Church where she taught Sunday School for over sixty years, walking three miles to Church each week.
It is believed Charlotte made quilts to sell to supplement the family's income, particularly after retirement as there was no Aged Pensions. In the past many family members slept under her quilts bought from her.
Charlotte died in June 1951 and is buried int eh Wangaratta Cemetery, with her brother Isaac who had died four years previously.
[Bev Johnston 8.10.97]

Charlotte Gambold
Charlotte Gambold

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