Quilt No.1094DW - Donna Wood

Donna Wood
Donna Wood
WA Metro
Mary Margaret Robiscoe
Made in
1941 - 1970
Block pattern. Quarter Dresden Plate/Fan in pale yellow, dark blue and brighter blue and pale yellow triangles in border. Navy blue edge. Some fabrics coarsely woven. Hand pieced and hand quilted in a quarter fan in half triangles on edge. Straight lines on other blocks. Padding is fine cotton and the backing is fine cream coloured calico. 1900 x 1650mm

The quilt was made by Mary Margaret Robiscoe, the maternal grandmother of the present owner, in Detroit Michigan USA in 1949. It then passed to her daughter Grace Robiscoe Davis who had it until 1970when she gave it to her daughter, the present owner. It is used occasionally.


"The maker of the quilt was my maternal grandmother, Mary Margaret Robiscoe. She emigrated to Detroit, Michigan USA at the turn of the century from Danzig (Poland). She made the quilt for my mother Grace Robiscoe Davis in 1949, who passed it on to me in 1970 when I came to Australia. She had made a matching doll's crib quilt for me originally (I was 5 then) but the mini-quilt is lost." [Donna Wood]

Donna Wood with her grandmother's quilt
Donna Wood with her grandmother's quilt

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