Northern Region

Mostly situated on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, this region is known for its sheep and cattle grazing. The climate can range from very hot in summer to very cold in winter. The area is dotted with pretty towns with beautiful gardens and charming cottages.

One of the largest Country Music festivals in the word is held in Tamworth each January and at the same time, just up the New England Highway at Guyra, the Lamb and Potato Festival gives a quaint glimpse of country life in the region.

Average summer day temperature: 
Average winter day temperature: 
Average annual rainfall: 


Situated between Tamworth and Glen Innes on the New England Highway, Armidale is the home of the University of New England and several well known private schools. Although the main highway now bypasses the CBD, it is worth taking the time to visit this very pretty place. It has many beautiful and substantial homes and the gardens are always a picture.


Glen Innes

Average summer day temperature: 25.0°C
Average winter day temperature: 12.2°C
Average annual rainfall: 840.0mm

Situated in the New England region where the Gwydir Highway meets the New England Highway, Glen Innes is 1073m above sea level. It is very hot in summer, and so cold in winter that there are occasional heavy snow falls. Sheep and cattle are the main industries with a small amount of crop production.

Large granite outcrops and deep gorges and waterfalls, make this a spectacular landscape to see. Locals and visitors fossick for sapphires in the area.

Standing Stones, Glen Innes
Standing Stones, Glen Innes


Average annual rainfall: 599.0mm

Gunnedah is located on the Oxley Highway where it meets the Namoi River. The nearest city is Tamworth 76km to the east, and Sydney is only 475km to the south east. The area surrounding Gunnedah is a productive agricural area and is used as an area to fatten stock.


Moree in the northwestern part of NSW is in the centre of Australia's richest agricultural region. Cotton, sheep and cattle area the primary products.

Cotton farming near Moree.
Cotton farming near Moree.



Average annual rainfall: 622.0mm

Located on the Newell Highway, Narrabri is a wheat and cotton farming area. In November 2000, Narrabri was subjected to the worst flooding in 50 years. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) have a radio heliograph located in Narrabri.

Mt Kaputar National Park, Narrabri, Big Sky Country!
Mt Kaputar National Park, Narrabri, Big Sky Country!

North Star


Average summer day temperature: 31.9°C
Average winter day temperature: 15.5°C
Average annual rainfall: 673.2mm
Average clear days: 134.3
Average daily sunshine hours: 8.4

Tamworth is Australia's premier country music venue. Each January it holds a widely publicised country music festival, where the 'Golden Guitar' is awarded to performers, writers and musicians for excellence in country music. It has been estimated that the city's population doubles for the 10 days of this event.

The city is located in the Peel Valley and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Attractions include a Marsupial Park, and a mountain Lookout. The Country Music Foundation has an exhibition area in Brisbane Street honouring the history of country music. There is also the excellent "Walk a Country Mile" interactive country music exhibit and the "Role of Renown" rocks, located at the "TREC" on the southern end of town near the Big Golden Guitar.

The Tamworth Country Music Festival sees the city booked out for the duration.
The Tamworth Country Music Festival sees the city booked out for the duration.


Average summer day temperature: 27.1°C
Average winter day temperature: 14.3°C
Average annual rainfall: 855.5mm
Average clear days: 95.6

Situated on the New England Plateau, Tenterfield is approximately 750 kilometres north of Sydney.

Tenterfield is sometimes referred to as the 'birthplace of Australian federation' as it was there, in 1889, that Sir Henry Parkes, then Premier of New South Wales, made an important speech advocating the federation of the Australian states.

Bald Rock National Park, north of Tenterfield, features the biggest granite monolith in Australia.
Bald Rock National Park, north of Tenterfield, features the biggest granite monolith in Australia.

Wee Waa

Wee Waa is the oldest town on the Namoi River with a district population of around 3500. Wee Waa is known as the Cotton Capital of Australia.

Local attractions include the Australia Telescope, and the Mount Kapubar National Park.

The town features a Craft Shop & Gallery and a civic Art Collection. The old Gaol Heritage Centre is Open Saturdays or by arrangement through the Visitors Centre.