South West


Situated half way between St George and Cunnamulla, Bollon is a perfect place to break for a coffee or tea. You should take the time to see the Koala's along the beautiful Wallam Creek and as Bollon is a shearing town, you can visit the shearing sheds while you are in town.


Average summer day temperature: 36.1°C
Average winter day temperature: 20.0°C
Average annual rainfall: 498.7mm

Situated on the Warrego River, and 760km north-west of Brisbane, Charleville is a a service and railway town in a large pastoral region. The town has a history of transportation, it was once the site of a Cobb & Co. coach building factory. The railway reached Charleville in 1888, but before that bullock waggons transported wool to the markets.

Today Charleville is a transmission point for the School of the Air, and a centre for the Royal flying Doctor Service.

There are 2 caravan parks, 5 motels, 2 hotels with accommodation, a Golf Club, a large RSL Club & a Bowls Club, Lorones Hotel and Historic House. A "must see" is the Skywatch - Cosmos Centre.

There are daily air services to Charleville, a Bus Service and 2 Rail Services weekly.


Average summer day temperature: 35.8°C
Average winter day temperature: 18.6°C
Average annual rainfall: 376.7mm
Average clear days: 187.0

Cunamulla is the major town in the Paroo Shire. As you can see from the very low annual rainfall - water is precious. Cunamulla's water supply is from the Great Artesian Basin - water from under the ground.

When visiting Cunamulla, make sure you visit the opal fields and national parks where the amazing lakes attract an abundance of waterbirds.



Names after the explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell, this delightful town on the Marona River attracts many tourists with its colonial architecture and its wide tree lined streets. The town is located around 600km to the west of Brisbane and 176km east of Charleville. As Mitchell is at the southeastern access point of the Matilda Highway, it is a popular spot to stop for a while.

Mitchell is located between the amazing Carnarvon Gorge, a paradise for nature lovers, and the Great Artesian Spar, where visitors can relax in the therapeutic water.



Noccundra is situated in the Bullo Shire and near to Thargomindah.

The Noccundra Hotel is listed by the National Trust and the Jackson Oil field and the Ballena Gas Field are in the local area.


Average summer day temperature: 36.7°C
Average winter day temperature: 19.9°C
Average annual rainfall: 345.5mm
Average clear days: 201.0

Quilpie is located on the Bulloo River in southwestern Queensland, around 900km west of the state's capital of Brisbane and 217km west of Charleville. It is the service centre and railhead for the famous channel country grazing district.

Quilpie is famous for the mining of Australia's national gemstone the Opal, and is the largest producer of bolder opal in the world.


Average summer day temperature: 34.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 19.6°C
Average annual rainfall: 599.4mm
Average clear days: 168.8

Roma is situated on the crossroads of the Warrego and Carnarvon Highways 480km North West of Brisbane. The surrounding rural area is givenover to sheep and cattle grazing.

150km North of Roma lies the Carnarvon Gorge National Park. This area contains Aboriginal cave paintings, sandstone outcrops and spectacular valleys.

St George

Average summer day temperature: 34.5°C
Average winter day temperature: 19.0°C
Average annual rainfall: 516.8mm
Average clear days: 173.5

St George



Thargomindah is situated on the western bank of the Bulloo River, which provides an environment in which a large range of bird and plant life thrives. The development of a walking track along the river has provided a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to experience and discover a wealth of natural features, including wildlife, flora and heritage sites.

The construction of the new Explorer's Caravan Park has recently been completed and will allow Thargomindah to accommodate coaches and offer cabin, caravan and tent site accommodation.

The Thargomindah Renewable Energy Display Park provides attraction and information for visitors to the site. The Park includes restored Energy Sources on display, with informative signage on each. Displays range from Windmills, Steam Engines, Wind Generator, and Percussion Rig to Solar displays.