Keeping Place

Historical Cottage built in 1887. Corrugated iron and log sheds (shearing Shed Style). Extensive collections maintained, restored, conserved by volunteers. Special exhibitions arranged in line with community events such as a wool display for prime stock day and a "1901" theme for the centenary of federation.Local rural community archival religions and phonographs. Historical cottage with turn of the century display. i.e. Kitchen with old fuel stove, meat safes, butter churning, china, lace, linen, silver teapots. Antique farming machinery, office equipment, sulkies harness etc.

The Tibooburra Local Aboriginal Land Council 'keeping place' displays the aboriginal history in the Tibooburra district. It displays this by containing many aboriginal artefacts that gives an insight into the Tibooburra culture.Stone and wood artefacts. Photographic. A small - medium size collection of artefacts with some outstanding historical items.

The Glen Innes area is the Traditional Tribal Lands of the Ngoorabul Aboriginal people. This centre is the home of the Cooramah Aboriginal Art Gallery and Keeping Place, where
local indigenous artworks and artefacts are on display for public viewing. Centre is situated on the New England Highway and had ample parking. The centre has a 60 seat restaurant with an Australian and also Bush Tucker menu (koori Cuisine Restaurant)Local artefacts (boomerangs etc), traditional stone tools, locally produced contemporary art.
Yalga-binbi's main role is conducting community development consultancies and adult education in urban and rural settings. It is part of Shalom Community Development Services along with Shalom Teaching College (indigenous p-12 school), Elders Village, construction company etc, all set up by VAICCCollected between 1993 and 1996 (with some earlier works) Made with Meaning is a survey of the contemporary artwork of the Aboriginal people of Far North Queensland. Work comes from rural towns and remote communities of Cape York Peninsula, Gulf Country and rainforest cultures and environments. The...
Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre is a unique and award winning design based on the open wings of the white Cockatoo - totem of the Grampians/Gariwerd region. Brambuk is committed to education, training and employment of Indigenous people and the preservation and promotion of culture. It is 100% owned and operated by Aboriginal People.Aboriginal artefacts ranging in age from today to 40,000 years ago. Contemporary and traditional arts and craft, contemporary and traditional dance and stories.
At the moment the collection is in a bad state of disrepair and is not catalogued. Collection consists of 19mm and 35mm documentary / archival / propaganda in Russian and English. These were initially in the possession of the (Russian) USSR Embassy.150 Russian Films (35mm + 19mm)
The Organ Historical Trust of Australia (OHTA) aims to; preserve historic organs and organ building records, stimulate public interest in pipe organs which are of national or local importance, and the encouragement of scholarly research into the history of the organ.
The Strehlow Research Centre was built by the Northern Territory Government to safely house the Strehlow Collection which is used as a cultural resource by aboriginal people, academic researchers and interested members of the general public when appropriate and, if necessary, sanctioned by aboriginal elders.The Strehlow Research Centre, established in 1991 under the Strehlow Research Centre Act, serves as a keeping place for cultural material relating to the aboriginal people of central Australia. The collection was accumulated between 1932 and 1978 and reflects both a sacred and open range...