Stawley Athenaeum and Library

The Stawley Athenaeum and Library is an historical brick building, of Main Hall and Back Room, erected in 1874. The main Hall of the building houses the Library collection of books which deal with all types of subjects. The books are housed in shelves around walls of building. A collection of early photographs of Stawley also on display. Library contains assorted historic library tables and other period furniture. The building is classified by the National Trust of Australia, and is entered on the Australian Heritage Register. The Building is used for Public meetings and functions. The Stawley Athenaeum and Library is one of the few remaining locally owned Public Library Buildings with collections still local in Victoria.

Main Street, Stawley, VIC
Openings to public as required
Charges for Admission and Hire of Building at Discretion of Management Committee
Reference Library Collection of books dating from Year 1863. Books in Library are collection of Mechanics institute. Hall available for hire. No wheelchair access. No brochure available
The Collection of books in Stawley Athenaeum and free library is estimated at some 3000 books


Historic Book Collection

Stawley Atherneaum has historic collection of 3000 books on many subjects


Stawley Atheneaum has historic collection of photographs, depicting early life of Stanely

2 x Lodge Charters

Stawley Atheneaum has two lodge charters, framed in Original Cases
from 1860's

Portrait of Queen Victoria

Large framed portrait of Queen Victoria 6' x 4', given by her servant John Brown to his brother James Brown of Beechworth. Donated by Family Descendants to Stawley Library.

Furniture and Furnishings

Several Historic Reading Room Tables, Cupboard, Librarians Desk, Wooden mineral display case/stand