State Coal Mine Museum

State Coal Mine Museum

A visit to the state mine in Wonthaggi is a journey back to the difficult working conditions of the mining days past. Preserved and managed by Parks Victoria for future generations, this original mine gives visitors opportunity to venture underground and gain an understanding of the life of a miner seventy years ago.

Access to the mine today is via a gently sloping inclined tunnel. On most occasions visitors walk into the mine, while those experiencing walking difficulties can ride underground on skips (carts). All groups return to the surface on the skips to save an walk uphill!

The mine remains just as it was in its working days of the 1930's with tools and equipment still in place, along with timber supports and several sections of the coalface open for inspection.

All underground tours are guided by Parks Victoria staff and volunteers, who tell stories from mining days past, and explain mining methods and social history.

Above ground, visitors can view a short film and explore historic buildings housing equipment and photographic displays. An extensive picnic area with free barbeques is available, along with a fire side cafeteria offering tea and coffee.

Garden Street, Wonthaggi, VIC
10am-4.30pm daily, closed Good Friday and Christmas Day
Adults $7, children $4.60, family $17.30, pensioners $4.60
Toilets, toilets also for the disabled, car and bus parking, picnic area, refreshments, sales outlet, guided tours, special membership, education
Records of state coal mine electrical engineer 1909 - 68. Records of state coal mine accountant 1909 - 68. Tools/equipment from state coal mine 1909 - 68. Photographs pertaining to Wonthaggi and the state coal mine 1909 - 68.