The Adelaide region includes the Adelaide Hills, the McLaren Wine district, and the city of Adelaide.

Average summer day temperature: 
Average winter day temperature: 
Average clear days: 
Average daily sunshine hours: 


Average summer day temperature: 27.8°C
Average winter day temperature: 14.8°C
Average annual rainfall: 455.1mm
Average clear days: 88.2
Average daily sunshine hours: 7.6

Often referred to as the "City of Churches", Adelaide is a dignified city with solid architecture. The Mt Lofty ranges and the waters of the Gulf St Vincent border the city.

The streets of Adelaide's central business district follow a grid pattern, and Victoria Square sits in the centre. The main shopping strip in the city is the Rundle Mall, and the cultural centre of the city is focused around North Terrace.



Average summer day temperature: 32.9°C
Average winter day temperature: 16.3°C
Average annual rainfall: 246.2mm
Average clear days: 119.8

Gawler is considered one of South Australia's most historicaly important towns. Situated approximately 40 kilometres from Adelaide, Gawler was gazetted as a town on 31st January 1839 and is the second country town to be created in South Australia. Gawler Council was incorporated on 9th July, 1857.

Named for Governor Gawler and planned by Colonel William Light ( who also planned the City of Adelaide) the township of Gawler is a testament to Light's remarkable vision.

Bounded by the North and South Para rivers and backed by hills, Gawler was sited far enough away from Adelaide to acheive its own social and economic independence. The attractive setting, coupled with major roles in the mining and agricultural booms of the 1860's 70's and 80's, saw Gawler blossom into a distinctive architecture (Gawler Council).


Hahndorf is located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, only 30 kilometres east of Adelaide (via the Eastern Freeway).

Hahndorf has retained its nineteenth century Germanic identity in spectacular fashion with many buildings restored for local use.