Average summer day temperature: 
Average winter day temperature: 
Average clear days: 
Average daily sunshine hours: 



Arkaroola is located in the Northern Flinders Ranges. The Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary is a unique landscape created over 2 billion years ago an uplifted sea bed that is now home to the most rugged mountain range in the entire Australian outback. The great Antartic explorer, Sir Douglas Mawson, also explored this area.



Coober Pedy

Average summer day temperature: 36.2°C
Average winter day temperature: 18.7°C
Average annual rainfall: 158.2mm
Average clear days: 174.7

Coober Pedy is famous for it's opals and underground housing. Locals live underground because this mining town is located in such a hot arid area, some 1000km north of Adelaide. Visitors to the town do have access to a modern motel and shopping centre.

Crystal Brook

The town of Crystal Brook is 200 km north of Adelaide at the beginning of the Flinders Ranges. Crystal Brook is within the region of Port Pirie.

Flinders Ranges

The explorer Matthew Flinders first saw the Southern area of the Flinders Ranges in 1802, and named Mt Brown after the naturalist Rober Brown who traveled with him on the ship 'Investigator'. The area is renowned for its natural beauty, and the landscape artist Hans Heysen often featured it in his paintings.

Wilpena Pound, Aroona Valley Alligator Gorge, and the Arkaroola-Mt Painter flora and fauna sancturary, are located in the National Parks of the Fliners Ranges.


Hawker is situated 66km north of Quorn, 400km north of Adelaide and 55km south of Wilpena. There is a range of accommodation from caravan parks and motels to self-contained cottages.



Average summer day temperature: 37.5°C
Average winter day temperature: 18.9°C
Average annual rainfall: 114.6mm
Average clear days: 211.8

Maree is located to the south east of Lake Eyre where the infamous Birdsville Track meets the central Australian railway. In the days when camel caravans crossed the desert, and when cattle were driven down the track from southwest Queensland, Maree was an important centre


Average summer day temperature: 37.5°C
Average winter day temperature: 19.2°C
Average annual rainfall: 218.5mm
Average clear days: 197.1

Located in the basin of Cooper's Creek, close to the borders of NSW and Qld. In 1966, natural gas was discovered in the area, and today it is extracted and transported via a pipeline to both Adelaide and Sydney. Oil has also been discovered in the Moomba area.

Mount Dare


Average summer day temperature: 37.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 19.5°C
Average annual rainfall: 175.6mm
Average clear days: 189.5

Oodnadatta is situated at the junction of the Birdsville and Oodnadatta tracks in the far north of South Australia.

The town is often used as a starting point for trekkers going to the nearby Simpson Desert (Australian Tourist Commission)
The town is often used as a starting point for trekkers going to the nearby Simpson Desert (Australian Tourist Commission)



Peterborough was a Railway Town and now runs Steam Train Trips. It is close to the Flinders Ranges and although the climate is harsh for gardening, there has been some outstanding success in this area. There is a commercial organic garden and recently Olive Groves have also been planted.

Port Augusta

Average summer day temperature: 32.2°C
Average winter day temperature: 17.1°C
Average annual rainfall: 242.8mm
Average clear days: 156.4

Port Augusta is known as a transcontinental port as well as a major shipping port for outback primary industries. Located at the northern tip of the Spencer Gulf the town is on the crossroads to Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. Many tourists use the town as a staging point when travelling to the Flinders Ranges or the Birdsville Track.

Port Pirie

Average summer day temperature: 31.8°C
Average winter day temperature: 16.3°C
Average annual rainfall: 346.1mm
Average clear days: 120.1

Located on the Port Pirie River on the northeast coast of the Spencer Gulf, Port Pirie is the largest centre in the region. Lead and Zinc ore is transported from Broken Hill to Port Pirie to be smelted in one of the world's largest ore refining plants. When refined, the ore is exported from the busy local port.

Port Pirie is an industrial town, but also the business and service centre for the surrounding grazing districts.


Roxby Downs


Average summer day temperature: 29.5°C
Average winter day temperature: 16.7°C
Average annual rainfall: 175.6mm
Average clear days: 90.8

Whyalla, located on the north-western coast of Spencer Gulf on the Eyre Peninsula, is a modern city with outstanding facilities. It has a history of iron and steel production and shipbuilding. The BHP's Whyalla Steelworks prides its self on outstanding efficiency and is one of Australia's industrial showcases. The aquaculture industry developed in nearby Fitzgerald Bay, is the latest industry to establish itself in the city.

William Creek

William Creek is the smallest town in Australia and is located on one of the world's largest cattle stations (Anna Creek Station) which is 32,500 square Kilometers.


Located north of the Spencer Gulf, Wilmington is around half way between Orroroo and Port Augusta.

Wilpena Pound

Average annual rainfall: 300.0mm

Wilpena Pound is approximately 430 kilometres north of Adelaide, and is a vast natural amphitheatre, surrounded by a jagged rim of quartzite. The name "Wilpena Pound" is taken from a Aboriginal word meaning "bent fingers" - thought to refer to the resemblance of the Pound to a cupped hand. It is one of the major tourist attractions within the North Flinders Ranges.

The Pound is of profound significance in the Aboriginal mythology of the Flinders Ranges, the walls representing large mythical snakes, with St Mary's Peak as the giant snake's head. There are Aboriginal carvings and paintings at Arkaroo Rock at the south east of the Pound.