The Eyre Peninsula is located between the Spencer Gult and the Great Australian Bight. In 1627 the Dutchman Pieter Nuyts was the first white man to chart the area. The peninsula was named in honour of Edward John Eyre who explored the area in 1839.

Iron ore is found in the Black Ranges in the North Eastern part of the peninsula, and the region is known for it's wheat and barley crops, and it's sheep farming.

Average summer day temperature: 
Average winter day temperature: 
Average clear days: 
Average daily sunshine hours: 

Cape Driver


Average summer day temperature: 27.6°C
Average winter day temperature: 16.9°C
Average annual rainfall: 292.1mm

Located on the North-West corner of the Eyre Penninsula some 780km from Adelaide. Fishing, shipping, and the production of gypsum take place in the area of Ceduna.



Cowell is located on the Ayre Peninsula with aquaculture being a focus of interest.


Franklin Harbour

Gawler Ranges


Set in beautiful wheat-farming country on the Eyre Peninsula Lock is a small town is filled to the brim with wonderful country people.

One of the most energetic and amazing women in Australia, Marie Lally the National President of the Country Women's Association of Australia, is a resident of Lock.

Port Lincoln

Average summer day temperature: 25.2°C
Average winter day temperature: 16.0°C
Average annual rainfall: 490.8mm
Average clear days: 56.5

Situated on the southern tip of Eyre Peninsula, Port Lincoln is a 682km drive west from Adelaide. It contains a natural deepwater harbour that attracts large bulk carriers that use the port to load grain and phosphate.