South Australia

South Australia

City of Unley Museum

The museum is located in what was previously the Unley Fire Station. The Museum collects, preserves, researches and displays items which are relevant to the history of the Unley Council area and which identify its unique character.

Banking and Currency Museum

The Museum is the only one of its kind which attempts to display the history and banking memorabilia of all banks, building societies and credit unions. A private museum established 9 December 1988, owned and operated by Michael P. Vort-Ronald, numismatic writer and publisher.

Scholz Park Museum

The Museum is a unique, self-contained entity - the Scholz Family Cottage (built 1872) where a family of six was raised, adjacent to the Wheelwright (1872) and Blacksmith (1869) Shops - all set within a park environment.

Axel Stenross Museum

Maritime museum - workplace of Finnish sailor who built wooden fishing boats and dinghies in the old traditional way - large collection of sailing ship (Wild Jammer) Photo's - Fishing Photo's old wooden boats (one 100 years old) - General maritime artefacts and yachting history.2,700 items, incl

South Australian Police Museum

The Museum is set in the South Australia Police Barracks built in 1914, and depicts the history of crime and deviance, and law enforcement, in South Australia.1000 items

Collingrove Homestead

The bulk of the exhibits consists of artefacts, furniture, books and documentary material associated with the Angas family and their pastoral activities. There are also a number of items acquired for display as typical furnishings of a rural mansion in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Nor West Bend Museum

The Museum is set in one of the State's pioneering outback stations, and presents displays of folk and local history.

Fort Glanville

Fort Glanville is the most complete example of a 19th century coastal artillery fort in Australia, retaining its original guns and comprising gun emplacements, magazines, guard room, barracks, gunners mess, officer's quarters and more.

Old Highercombe Hotel

A folk museum of memorabilia and photographs mainly of the years 1850-1950. Repository for museum items for perusal of future generationsApproximately 2,000 items, numerous photographs

Moonta Mines Museum

Housed in the former Moonta Mines School is a collection of historical artefacts relating to the Cornish heritage and settlement of the district. Particular emphasis is placed on copper mining. Numerous records, photographs and microfilm are also held.

Old Customs House Nautical Museum

The Museum displays photos of explorers, parts of ships, mines, maps, barometer, sextant, plate, spoon and other odds and ends brought up by divers from wrecks. Numerous other items have also been collected.

Strathalbyn National Trust Museum

The Museum is housed in the old police station built 1858 and the court room built 1867, opened in 1974. Main display in the court room is of the settlement and growth of the town from 1840 to circa 1940.

Defence Services Museum

The museum was established under the auspices of the Australia Remembers 1945-1995 Program. The inaugural display is in sympathy with this Program and commemorates the gallantry in World War II of seven South Australians: a nursing sister and two representatives from each of the armed services.

Maitland Museum

Housed in the 1878 former school building, the Museum features a collection of artefacts and photographs relating to the early settlement and development of central Yorke Peninsula, including its Aboriginal, Agricultural and German heritage.Artefacts and photographs relating to early settlement o

Port Victoria Maritime Museum

Port Victoria, the last of the windjammer ports, boasts a Maritime Museum featuring the grain trade and sailing ship era, with its numerous shipwrecks.

Prospect Hill Historical Museum

The Museum's collections include household items, post office articles, and records, an old school room (1893), blacksmith's shop, farm implements and engines, housed in an 1870 home and outbuildings.700 - 800 items, approximately 200 photographs