East Gippsland

The Region of East Gippsland, at the Far Eastern tip of Victoria, extends from the Snowy Mountains to the sea. In the ancient forests of East Gippsland you can find Victoria's largest tree - an Errinundra Shining Gum named the 'Touchwood Tree'. In the mountain area some of the rainforests are so thick and lush that they are impassable.



Alberton is a small service centre in West Gippsland 216 km south-east of Melbourne. It was named after Queen Victoria's husband, but the township was originally two separate communities, Victoria and Alberton. The development of Alberton is related to the development of nearby Port Albert.


Average summer day temperature: 25.8°C
Average winter day temperature: 15.0°C
Average annual rainfall: 715.8mm
Average clear days: 45.3

Bairnsdale is situated on the Mitchell River, 283km east of Melbourne and is the service and commercial hub for the Lakes area.

The Gippsland Lakes area is a major holiday resort during summer.


Not that far from Bairnsdale, Buchan boast of being the Gate Way to the Snowy River. A "must-see" if you are in the area are the Buchan Caves.

Lakes Entrance

Average summer day temperature: 23.5°C
Average winter day temperature: 14.5°C
Average annual rainfall: 724.6mm
Average clear days: 66.5

Lakes Entrance is the resort centre, and major fishing port, for the Gippsland area. It is a popular area with tourists because of it's facilities for water sports and fishing. It is located 319km east of Melbourne on the Princes Highway.


Average summer day temperature: 25.9°C
Average winter day temperature: 14.0°C
Average annual rainfall: 594.0mm
Average clear days: 50.0

Mafra is the commercial centre of a rural area that produces dairy products and crops. It is located on the Macalister River 229km east of Melbourne. The Gippsland Harvest Festival is held here in March at Powerscourt Country House.


Nowa Nowa

A Small Community with a big heart that is sustained by farming and milling.

Nowa Nowa boasts the longest timber tressle railroad bridge in the Southern Hemisphere and a beautiful natural river gorge.

If you enjoy fishing, bushwalking or lovely scenery, this is the place to be.




Average summer day temperature: 25.9°C
Average winter day temperature: 13.8°C
Average annual rainfall: 607.3mm

Sale is situated within easy reach of natural attractions such as Ninety Mile Beach, the High Country, or some of Victoria's most extensive Wetlands. It is a pretty town with tree lined streets, historic buildings, lakes, parks, and restaurants.