Quilt No.391CC - Cressida Mary Webb Challis

Cressida Mary Webb Challis
Cressida Mary Webb Challis
NSW Sydney
Isabel and Jean Portus
Made in
1941 - 1970
Quilt of machine pieced squares and rectangles using a wide variety of materials in plain colours and patterns. It is one of a pair. There is no padding and the backing is 90cm strips of calico.
2500 x 2130mm

One of a pair made by twin sisters Isabel and Jean Portus about 1961 and on their deaths passed to the present owner, Cressida Challis, a family member.


One of a pair of quilts made for the makers' own beds. "These were made c.1961 - my mother remembers staying with them at the time they were made, when I was a baby and my brother was about 3. They were made very quickly, machine sewn, because the twins needed new bedspreads and didn't have much money. They both cut out the fabric and pinned pieces together, and Jean sewed them on the machine. They have been repaired and some bits of fabric have been sewn over worn patches, because they were in constant use until 1994. After they were made , two curtains were made in similar style and fabrics. I still use these curtains, though I had to patch and replace the calico lining on the one in the kitchen in 1997. Previous repairs had been made by Jean. I used material from Jean's collection������.Patchwork was done in the evenings , a little before dinner, and more after dinner. Jean's great love was gardening, so in the daytime she was always in the garden when she wasn't working. Isa did some gardening too - she grew tomatoes. She usually cooked dinner and did a lot of the housework." [Cressida Challis 1.8.98]


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