Exotic Animals Quilts

Dubbo Museum & Historical Society Inc
Rabbit skins sewn on to dark blue felt. Skins have been arranged to give a patterned effect. Centre has a rectangular lighter coloured skin with a further rectangle of darker colour in the centre. Skins are handsewn, with rat-tail braid on the reverse side. Blue felt has a pinked edge. 1440 x 1330mm
Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
Skin rug made from feral cat skins and probably some wallaby pelts. There are 28 individual skins and colours are dark brown, creamy yellow and striped and spotted light and dark brown and cream. One cat pelt measures 495mm. The striped and spotted skins indicate tabby cats. The backing is maroon felt extended to form a pinked and scalloped edge. The top is attached to the backing with hand stitching incorporating faded red ric-rac braid along the seamline on the back. 1680 x 1300mm
Gwenneth Miller
Rabbit skin rug hand stitched. Originally had no backing but a fawn felt backing has been added. 1480 x 1180mm
Bud and Patricia Ford
Rug made of 12 lamb skins stitched to a blue and grey checked bush rug. 1931 x 1525mm
Patricia Roche
The rug consists of 95 fox tails (19 down and 5 across) stitched to fox skins which also form a border. The top section is piped with felt. The backing is wool felt scalloped around the edge. 1580 x 1260mm
Kim and Melissa L'Estrange
Fox skin rug of exceptionally fine skins with brushes incorporated into the design. It is backed with brown felt with traditional stamped scalloped edge. 1800 x 1500mm
Bruce Wright
Skin rug made from approximately 50 fox skins. These are hand sewn together in strips approx. 100mm wide across the width of the rug. Backing is of dark brown felt. The edge is trimmed with blue felt with a scalloped edge. Skins were tanned with wattle bark tanning solution. 1550 x 1300mm
Doris Gould
Fox skin rug made from 28 winter fox skins, with turquoise green felt backing and with green felt scalloped edging. Part of some tails as edging remain. Skins hand pieced together, top sewn to backing by machine. 1550 x 1550mm
Beth Hoskins
Fox skin rug made from centre backs of pelts. 16 skins running the width of the rug and a 40mm fur border. The backing is tan felt with a pinked edge (traditional in this type of fur rug) and this is joined to the rug with a doubled blue felt binding. The skins are very fine quality winter skins.
Bruce Wright
Skin rug made from 50-60 rabbit skins in various colours, pieced in a diamond pattern. Dark diamond in centre, a diamond of dark honey colour, then a band of dark, another of dark honey, a band of grey, a band of honey, with corner triangles of grey. Rug is backed with blue felt, and has a scalloped edge of blue felt. Hand sewn. Skins tanned with wattle bark tanning solution. 1550 x 1300mm
Doug Tremble
Rug made of fox and rabbit skins, hand stitched to a blue cotton denim twill backing. Fur colours are rich brown, grey, and black. Rug is in very good condition. 1700 x 1280mm
Annette Packett
Fur rug, mainly rabbit skins. The animal origin of the centre strip of tan fur is unknown. Restoration work was done on the rug 30 years ago and a new green felt backing replaced the old green one. 1000 x 750mm
Bud and Patricia Ford
Rabbit skin rug. Hand pieced and stitched on to an Onkaparinga blanket as the backing. The orange coloured blanket shows around the edge of the rug. The skins are very soft and pliable.
Max and Brenda Shooter
Skin rug made from unknown African animals. Centre backs stitched together in rows, 10 x 4 rows. Tartan backing extends beyond the skins on the front to make a border. 2100 x 1630mm
Bruce Wright
Skin rug made from 40 rabbit skins, stitched in strips and then sewn to make 5 rows down the length of the rug. Three skins are missing. Tanned by hand with wattle bark, and hand sewn. No padding or backing. 1400 x 1100mm
The Pioneer Women's Hut
Skin rug, probably rabbit. Centre backs of 72 fine winter skins used, 6 skins across and 9 in lenth. Exceptionally well matched and very supple tanning. Blue baize backing with traditional scalloped edge. Brown rat tail braid 90mm from the edge on the back and also a centre design with rat tail braid. 1910 x 1700mm
Valda Mentjox
Skin rug constructed from 9 wild dog peltsand the 3 light coloured middle pelts are dingo. Backed by blue serge, then pink cotton. Originally had scalloped pink edge. Attached with large herringbone stitches. New backing was put on in 1954. 1360 x 775mm
Rug made from 60 rabbit skins. Backing is brown flannel. The rug has a scalloped edge in brown flannel. 2100 x 1400mm
Pieced animal skin quilt made from 25 cat skins, in blocks of five across by five down. No filling. The backing is of heavy maroon wool felt which also forms a border around the skins. The majority of skins are in good order, with some bare patches. 2040 x 1160mm
Rug made from rabbit skins of a uniform grey-brown colour. The rug is pieced by joining 6 rows of 9 skins each with the rows going across the width of the rug. The backing of dark maroon wool extends beyond the fur and has a scalloped edge. 1700 x 1390mm