Suffolk Puff Quilts

Julia Sutton
Traditional Suffolk Puff constructed from a wide variety of mainly cotton fabrics including small floral prints, checks and plains. 1630 x 1500mm
Patchwork quilt made of gathered circles stitched into a square shape. Made of scraps of fabrics from the depression period. The maker called the shapes 'squirkles'. No padding. Quilt is lined.
2100 x 1400mm
Double bed size quilt, which the owner calls 'Devon Puffs', with main pattern in centre. 2100 x 1800mm.
"A double bedspread composed of Suffolk puffs of fine white cotton, each puff measuring 50mm in diameter. The puffs are hand stitched together, with crochet worked in the spaces in between. A deep frill of white cotton has been added to three sides of the quilt. Two matching pillow shams have been made from 30mm puffs; each sham is edged with a generous bias cut cotton frill on all four sides." [PHM]
2770 x 2560mm
Cotton suffolk puff quilt. Puffs are in printed and plain fabrics and 4 puffs of the same colour/pattern are placed together.
2413 x 2363mm
Helen Sparkman
Suffolk Puff quilt in a wide variety of cotton materials patterned and plain. There is no backing.
11900 x 1350mm
Helen Sparkman
Patchwork quilt made of Suffolk Puffs mainly in cottons. It has a light green wholecloth backing.
2100 x 950mm
Quilt of Suffolk Puffs made from blue bags joined together. No padding or backing. The quilt has two matching pillowcases with lace trimmings.
2060 x 1980mm
" This quilt is in the Suffolk puff tradition. The quilt consists of 1,518 white plain weave 'puffs'. Unlike some quilts where the puffs have been made from blue bags, here they are from circles of fabric with the edge turned with a gather stitch, which has been pulled and secured. The quilt is entirely hand sewn. The edge of the quilt is decorated with a 35cm band of crochet; producing a net with scalloped edge. The crochet is executed in a thick cotton thread." [NGA] There is no padding or lining. 3230 x 2120mm