Mersey - Lyell



Average summer day temperature: 20.9°C
Average winter day temperature: 12.6°C
Average annual rainfall: 978.9mm
Average clear days: 58.3

Burnie is an important rail centre and shipping port in the north west coastal region of Tasmania. It is located on Emu Bay below the steep slopes of Montello Heights, 49km west of Devonport.

The town takes its name from one of the directors of the Van Dieman's Land Co. which was granted the original land concessions in the area.

Cradle Mountain


Average summer day temperature: 21.2°C
Average winter day temperature: 12.2°C
Average annual rainfall: 898.7mm
Average clear days: 58.7

Located on the Mersey River, Devonport is around 50km east of Burnie and 10km north west of Launceston. Originally the city consisted of two towns, Formby on the west bank, and Torquay on the east. In 1890 the two towns came together to form Devonport.

The surrounding district is rich in agriculture, but Devonpoet itself has expanded into an industrial city. This port serves as a link between Tasmania and the Mainland for both passenger and cargo ships.

King Island

King Island is located off the North-West coast of Tasmania in the Bass Strait. Although this island's ecomony is mostly based on farming, mining of gold, tin and tungsten also play an important role. King Island beef and dairy products are highly sought after on the mainland of Australia.


Macquarie Harbour


Average summer day temperature: 21.0°C
Average winter day temperature: 11.6°C
Average annual rainfall: 2421.7mm
Average clear days: 25.6

Gold and copper have both been mined in Queenstown in western Tasmania. The copper mining has left the surrounding hills bare, but a regeneration program has now been put in place after years of environmental abuse.


Average summer day temperature: 21.0°C
Average winter day temperature: 12.8°C
Average annual rainfall: 1105.6mm
Average clear days: 30.2


Waratah / Wynyard

Average summer day temperature: 21.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 12.9°C
Average annual rainfall: 1041.7mm
Average clear days: 34.0
Average daily sunshine hours: 5.2