Adventure Bay

Bathurst Harbour


Average summer day temperature: 21.0°C
Average winter day temperature: 13.9°C
Average annual rainfall: 684.4mm
Average clear days: 64.0
Average daily sunshine hours: 6.2

Bicheno is primarily a holiday destination 195km south from Hobart, although it was once a whaling station, then for a while coal was mined in the area. A local fleet now fishes for Cray.


Average summer day temperature: 20.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 12.2°C
Average annual rainfall: 888.4mm
Average clear days: 49.0

Located on Port Esperance, 82Km South of Hobart. Dover was once a convict station. Today it is a popular holiday destination, where fruit growing and fish farming make up a large part of the local economy.

Eaglehawk Neck

Freycinet Peninsula


Huon Valley

Lake Pedder

Lake Pedder covers a vast area in the wilderness area of South-Western Tasmania.

In 1967 the Tasmanian government passed legislation to flood the Serpentine Valley in South West Tasmania to provide a source for hydroelectric power for the State. The area had already been for some time, a National Park. The plight of the area, and the beautiful and extraordinary Lake Pedder was brought to the forefront of public attention particularly by the photographer Olegas Truchanas. Activist groups fought hard to prevent the Valley and the Lake from being drowned, but they failed. However, the fight paved the way for the success of saving the Franklin River (Macquarie University).


Average summer day temperature: 21.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 9.5°C
Average annual rainfall: 1214.5mm
Average clear days: 20.8
Average daily sunshine hours: 4.7

Originaally a small farming town called Fitzgerald, Maydena grew into a busy centre when timer was milled in the town. At one stage there were 5 trains a day to the area, now they hardly ever run.


Average summer day temperature: 21.9°C
Average winter day temperature: 9.4°C
Average annual rainfall: 551.7mm
Average clear days: 32.9

Oatlands is a small town on the Midland Highway that is nestled on the shore of Lake Dulverton. Being only 84km north of Hobart, and being listed as an historic town, makes Oatlands a popular spot to visit.

Port Arthur

Average summer day temperature: 18.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 10.8°C
Average annual rainfall: 1174.1mm
Average clear days: 33.5

Port Arthur is an historic township located on the Tasman Peninsula, 100km south east of Hobart. The area has had a brutal history, but the once cruel penal colony had become one of the major tourist attractions in Tasmania. Sadly, the usual beauty and calm of the area was disrupted on the 28th & 29th of April 1996, when a 29 year old male named Martin Bryant murdered 35 people and injured 18 others. A Memorial to those victims has now been established at the site.

Port Davey

Spring Bay


Average summer day temperature: 19.3°C
Average winter day temperature: 8.9°C
Average annual rainfall: 2519.5mm
Average clear days: 19.6
Average daily sunshine hours: 4.0


Average summer day temperature: 19.0°C
Average winter day temperature: 8.1°C
Average annual rainfall: 1167.0mm
Average clear days: 29.0