Museum of Classical Archaeology

The Museum holds a collection of artefacts from the Old World, from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. These include decorative pottery and terracotta, glassware, coins, bronze work, stone carving, oil lamps and writing materials from ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and the Near East; a large scale model of the ancient city of Athens; and a collection of cast replicas of classical statues.

First Floor, Mitchell Building, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA
Visits may be take place within 9-5, Mon-Fri (public holidays excepted). No more than 30 people per group - ideal group sizes are 15-20. Booked visit includes brief tour of museum (minimum 30 mins.).
Open to organised groups upon prior booking. A fee of $35 per group applies (GST included).
Toilets in building. Guided tours available: groups up to 35 can be accommodated, but arrangements should be made in advance. School groups welcome. Members program.
Estimated 800 artefacts, plus approximately 1,500 coins