Quilt No.1058SP - Simone Poznanski

Simone Poznanski
Simone Poznanski
SA Country
Made in
1941 - 1970
Hand pieced hexagon quilt in pattern known as 'Grandmother's Flower Garden'. Wide variety of materials, plain and patterned. The hexagons are arranged in rows with a 9cm border in lime green shantung. There is no padding and the backing is green shantung. 2400 x 1480mm

The quilt was made as a fundraiser for the bowling club at Wollstonecraft, Sydney NSW and was raffled. Bonnie Johnston won it about 1960 and when she died in 1999 it passed to her daughter in SA. It is not used.


For several years this quilt had appeared on the trading table at the Wollstonecraft Bowling Club (Sydney) but there were no buyers. It was then suggested that it was raffled and Bonnie Johnston won it.


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