Military Quilts

 Dianne Gorringe
Patchwork quilt/cloth with strong overall design of very small squares. The colours are navy, red, cream, green (khaki) and fawn. There is a wide fringe on all sides. There is no padding. The backing is cotton sateen.
1240 x 126mm
Albury Regional Museum
Patchwork quilt or cloth made from pieces of woollen material used for regimental uniforms in England last century. Star pattern in colours, red, pale blue, green, maroon, yellow [white] and brown. Hand pieced probably by more than one person. Red fringe machined on. Red flannelette backing in poor condition. Two layers, not quilted.
1780 x 1700mm
Name withheld
Quilt top in postage stamp pattern typical of military quilts. 5 x 5 blocks each 280 x 280mm. Colours are predominantly red, black and cream. Thought to have been made using uniform material from the Crimean war
1350 x 1350mm
National Trust of Australia (VIC)
Woollen patchwork, mostly 17mm squares, in a heavy closely woven felt like material in red, black, yellow, blue, green and pink. Some larger motifs of pieced stars and crosses, some outlined with a narrow appliqued braid. There is no padding apparent. The backing is a khaki coloured cotton twill fabric. It may originally have had a border or fringe, now removed.
2280 x 1380mm