Quilt No.429HH - Helen Hancock

Helen Hancock
Helen Hancock
QLD South West
Marion Best
Made in
1881 - 1900
Fragment of a crazy patchwork quilt hand stitched in cottons, silks, silk velvets and silk brocades. Variety of fancy stitches including blanket, feather, herringbone worked in various kinds of cottons and some chenille thread. There is also some beading. The backing is red cotton. The fragment is now framed.
484mm x 484mm

The quilt, of which this is a fragment, was made c1890 by Marion Best (Fairlie) 1862-1954 in Maryborough Queensland. It then passed to her grand-daughter Marion Ham and is now owned by her great grand-daughter. Helen Hancock. It is framed.


Marion Fairlie came to Australia from England in 1862 as a baby. Her parents came to explore the possibility of growing cotton for their muslin factory in Glasgow, Scotland. This was prompted by the failure of the American cotton crop. Maryborough proved unsuitable for cotton growing so James Fairlie started a joinery business making window frames from Queensland red cedar. He is said to have made a fortune.

Helen Hancock
Helen Hancock

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