Quilt No.49EB - Elsie Bennett

Elsie Bennett
NSW Riverina
Elsie Bennett
Made in
1941 - 1970
Domestic Wagga made from bags with a top of irregular patches of cotton material, mainly from dress scraps, and a backing of calico.
1578 x 1094mm

Made by Elsie Bennett around 1952, and currently used by her at Ariah Park, NSW.


"� around 1952 I made one [Wagga rug] from wheat bags and made a cover of patchwork pieces from frocks I had made for my daughter or worn out pillow slips or other items. The patchwork is not in patterns but whatever shape suited the bit of material. I still use the Wagga rug on my bed. It is a 3/4 bed size as that was the size bed we had in the spare room when we were first married and since the death of my husband I moved into that size bed."
[Elsie Bennett]

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