Quilt No.766PHM - Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum
Powerhouse Museum
NSW Sydney
Made in
pre 1850
"An unfinished quilt in traditional 'Pinwheel' pattern, handsewn with linen thread using the English method. The quilt is composed of sixteen large hexagonal blocks made up of square, diamond and triangular patches around a central hexagon. The central motifs and outer borders are of block printed floral and geometric patterned glazed cotton chintz, with plain white cotton chintz as the background. The patches still have their original paper templates in place; many of these are covered with handwritten numbers and are perhaps from a school exercise book. A collection of templates,...

"The quilt was given to the museum in 1987 by Mr and Mrs N D Cook of Bowral, NSW. The grandparents of both Mr and Mrs Cook came to Australia from England, and they are not sure which side of the family brought the quilt here with them." [PHM]


"The fabrics from which the quilt was made are of different dates, the earliest probably dating to the late 1700s, and were probably collected over several years. They are in new condition which suggests the maker was well to do and patchwork a pleasant way to pass the time rather than an economic necessity. The quilt was probably made in England around 1840 and brought to Australia some time after that." [PHM]

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Quilt made of hexagons in cotton materials, the hexagons set in the 'Grandmother's Flower Garden' pattern with 6 patterned patches set around a plain coloured centre patch and white hexagons forming 'paths'. There is a white cotton backing with the edges turned under all the way around and top and backing are joined by a blue machine sewn satin stitch. The patches are hand sewn.
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