Quilt No.787CN - Charlotte Nattey

Charlotte Nattey
Charlotte Nattey
Nancy Millington
Made in
1921 - 1940
The top is a piece of checked flannelette around which is a border of simple animal shapes appliqued in blanket stitch. The backing cosists of sample squares of Moygashel linen joined in rows. The quilt was made for a playpen. There is no padding.
1630 x 1090mm

The quilt was made in England by Mrs. Nancy Millington in 1940 for her daughter Charlotte to be used in her playpen. It was later used by Charlotte's children. It is owned by Charlotte Nattey and is stored for the next generation.


"I was born at the start of World War 2 and things became impossible to buy - this was made out of old samples from my father who was a director of Moygashel, the Irish linen manufacturer. During the war he was not called up (but was a member of the Home Guard) as his firm was used to make webbing for parachutes and belts and parachute silk etc. This was deemed an essential service. We lived north west of London as he had to go to London to work each day and this was deemed the safest area to be in.
My mother was a very elegant woman and although quite capable of doing things with her hands didn't choose to do so unless there was a need! - at this time there was a need but I doubt if she would have made a quilt at any other time! Cottage type industry just wasn't her scene: the world of high fashion and couture was the area she was happiest. In her spare time she was a keen bridge player, a freelance writer for magazines and an avid reader."
"In General.
It was the women in my father's family who were the quilters.
[My mother] made the wartime playpen quilt but she and her mother were more inclined to knit rather than sew. They were both university educated and highly intelligent 'blue stocking' types. Well read and fun to be with.
I sew a lot and am a fully qualified dress designer making most of my own and my daughter's clothes. I regard myself as the custodian of all the lace, embroidery, quilting, knitting etc. that has survived and am happy to share it with interested people.
I have never made a hand quilt but have started on one at present using entirely machine techniques. It probably won't last as long as a traditional quilt but it seems appropriate for the next milennium to use a computer machine and overlocker in this way."
[Charlotte Nattey 6.4.97]

Eleanor (Nancy) Millington
Eleanor (Nancy) Millington
The farm in Buckinghamshire England where the quilt was used.
The farm in Buckinghamshire England where the quilt was used.

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