Quilt No.683NTV - National Trust of Australia (VIC)

National Trust of Australia (VIC)
National Trust of Australia (VIC)
VIC Melbourne
Mrs Radin
Made in
1851 - 1880
Woollen patchwork, mostly 17mm squares, in a heavy closely woven felt like material in red, black, yellow, blue, green and pink. Some larger motifs of pieced stars and crosses, some outlined with a narrow appliqued braid. There is no padding apparent. The backing is a khaki coloured cotton twill fabric. It may originally have had a border or fringe, now removed.
2280 x 1380mm

The quilt was probably made by Mrs. Radin in Austria pre the 1880s. It was donated to the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) by L.Radin, grandson of the maker, in 1978.
The quilt is stored in the National Trust costume and textile store Melbourne.


"Known as the 'Indian Army Quilt' because some of its colours are said to be the regimental colours of the Indian Army.
Donated to National Trust in 1978 by Mr. L.Radin of Brighton, Victoria. The quilt was made by his grandmother in Austria or Dubrovnik. She gave it to her son Frank Radin, who was a sail maker in Launceston, after arriving from Dubrovnik in ca 1885-1890. He had the quilt with him and brought it to Melbourne in 1901 - his son was L.Radin, donor. Some sources say Frank Radin brought the quilt incomplete to Australia and finished it himself, and that he moved to Melbourne in 1922."
[Belinda Nemec, Manager of Collections, National Trust of Australia (Victoria) 9.2.2000]

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