Coconut Grove

Darwin City

Average summer day temperature: 32.7°C
Average winter day temperature: 30.7°C
Average annual rainfall: 1534.7mm

Known as Australia's Gateway to Asia, Darwin is a modern, cosmopolitan city situated on a harbour that is twice the size of Sydney harbour. The first settlement of the area was in 1869, but it wasn't until 1911 the town was named Darwin in honour of the naturalist Charles Darwin who had once been a member of a scientific team on the HMS Beagle who visited the site in September 1839.

Darwin was totally devastated by Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Eve 1974. Reconstruction of the city followed strict development guidelines, and it now has well designed road systems, neighborhoods with facilities grouped around a central core and connected to the residential areas via a network of cycle and pedestrian ways.

Fannie Bay

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Palmerston is a modern town just 20km east of Darwin. During the 1970s land was acquired by the Northern Territory Government to cope with the demand for residential property. However, the Palmerston development didn't get under way until 1981.

Palmerston residents comprise of individuals and families in a multi-cultural mix of diverse backgrounds, interests and aspirations.