East Arnhem

Australia's Northern Territory Arnhem Region has a history of economic activity, including export and import trade with Asian neighbours, which spans hundreds of years, well before the influence of European settlement. Although having a modest population and being very isolated, the East Arnhem Region contributed over $2 billion in exports and economic activity in 1993-94 (East Arnhem Business Development Association).

Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land covers an area of more than 96,000 square kilometres, stretching from Gove Peninsula in the north east to Cobourg Peninsula in the north west, it includes the off-shore islands of Elcho Island and Groote Eylandt (among others). The area is exceedingly beautiful, extremely rugged and contains an abundance of wildlife.

The west and south-west parts of Arnhem Land consist of rugged highlands rising over 300 metres above sea level, with steep scarps cut by deep gorges. The major river systems of the Northern Territory have their headwaters in this highland area.

Groote Eylandt

This island that belongs to the local Anindilyakwa people, was given its name by the Dutch (meaning "Big Island"). Groote Eylandt is the largest island in the Gulf of Carpentaria and a large manganese mine in in operation there. The royalties from the ore are paid to the traditional owners of the land.


Average summer day temperature: 32.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 28.6°C
Average annual rainfall: 1302.7mm
Average clear days: 34.8

Nhulumbuy is a company town specifically built to house the employees and their families who work for the Nabalco bauxite treatment and mine plant. The town is situated on the remote Gove Peninsular on the Gulf of Carpentaria.


An Aboriginal community on the Gove Peninsula. In th3 1970s the Yirrkala people were involved in the controversy over land rights and the development of bauxite deposits on the peninsula. Control of the community was transferred to the Yirrkala people in 1976.

Birth place of Mandaway Yunupingu - now famous as the lead singer in the Australian band Yothu Yindi