1906 Road Board Building
1930 Road Board Building
Mining Industry of Collie

In 1863 the first school between Perth and Freemantle was built on Freshwater Bay. This building now forms the core of the museum site, which opened in 1975. Exhibits are changed periodically and address issues related to the loacl history of Claremont. The museum collects and preserves material culture associated with the district of Claremont, including oral histories and photographs. The Public Access System (PAS) provides researchers with information on Claremont's history. Our education program for schools is designed to fit the curriculum.Local community. Artefacts, photographs, oral...
We speak through Photographs, subject albums and visual displays to provide visitors with an understanding of Broome from its rough and ready early days to its emergence as a World Centre for cultured pearling.
Broome was the first truly multi-cultural district in Australia Aboriginal, Japanese, Chinese and Europeans have all contributed to Broome’s very diverse cultural history and the Museum, in its exhibits and its albums reflects this richness..

Visiting the Museum you will learn about: Pearling and Luggers; Exploitation and Exploration; Adventures, Hardships and Mateship;...
The Museum is housed in the Old Police Station, Prison and Courthouse complex. The building was erected in 1870, with extensions being completed in 1873. The original building comprised a court room, police station, cell block and living quarters, and was built from locally-quarried limestone; the walls are some 450mm thick, constructed in the coarse random rubble style. The roof, which was originally wooden shingle, has been replaced by corrugated iron. A sample of the original shingles is displayed in the exhibition.

The Irwin District Historical Society have another museum located at Russ...
The building is the first permanent Courthouse in the Eastern Goldfields. It is part of the block of government buildings which is comprised of the Courthouse, Mining Registrar Offices and residences, Post Office and Residences. Construction commenced in 1892. The foundations are of local stone cemented together with mud. The walls are of locally made mud bricks.
The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory collections' place the region's art, history and culture in an Australian and international context through research, interpretation and collection development. These collections encompass Aboriginal Art and material culture, visual arts, craft, Southeast Asian and Oceanic Art and material culture, maritime archaeology, Northern Territory history and natural sciences.160,000 artefacts and specimens
The Araluen Centre for Arts and Entertainment, a modern complex built in 1984 is the focal point of Alice Springs performing and visual arts.There are four major art galleries in the Araluen Centre. The program of exhibitions includes contemporary Aboriginal art (particularly from the Central Desert Region) and contemporary art by Northern Territory and other Australian artists.Contemporary Australian art collected since 1971 in Central Australia. A large portion of the collection comprises of Aboriginal art produced in Central Australia including works from the Hermannsberg school of...