Forest and Heritage Centre

Forest and Heritage Centre

The Forest and Heritage Centre tells the story of the timber industry in Geeveston with displays of old photographs, tools and equipment to explanations of the modern day timber industry accessed on computer terminals within the forest room. Visitors to the centre can also view a wood turner in action, creating the local timbers.

Church Street, Geeveston, TAS
10am-4.30pm Every day except Christmas day.
Adults $4, Children $2.50, Seniors $3, Family $10, Groups $3.
Wheelchair access downstairs, shop with work from local artisans, historical display of the timber industry, educational layout, guided tours, lecture room, wood turner.
Approximately 50-100 items. Historical display of the timber industry of Geeveston including current timber industry information. Recent acquisition of an antique woodworking collection (still to be assessed, restored and displayed) believed to be the only collection of its type in Australia.


Hand Operated Metal Stamping Machine

Stamp die is of Tasmania. Used to punch a shape of approx. 1cm square from thin metal sheet.

Previously owned by a Mr Jackson who was awarded a medal for bravery when he was a policeman. (There is a copy of the newspaper article which references this award in the office) Vin made the use of this stamping machine readily and freely available.

Vise, Anvil and Grindstone

Stewart Handy Worker

Cooper Engineering Co Ltd. Sydney Australia

Treadle Powered Fret Saw "Lester Improved"

Treadle Powered Spindle

Year 1895 cast into footplate of treadle. Casing around spindle suggests it was used to spin grinding wheels.

Foot Powered Scroll Saw

Semeo Falls Manufacturing (Semeo Falls NY USA)