Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania

The earliest predecessor of RAST was the Van Dieman's Land Agricultural Society which was formed in 1821. It was the first agricultural society in Australia. The first show was held in January 1822. Since then the society has undergone several name & structural changes. In June 1862 the Southern Tasmanian Agricultural Pastoral & Horticultural Society was formed and a show was held at Bridgewater. The Society was inactive 1864-74. In 1874 it was reformed and was known as the Southern Tasmanian Pastoral Agricultural & Horticultural Society. By 1877 the named had changed to Southern Tasmanian Agricultural Pastoral Society. By 1911 it was known as the Southern Tasmanian Agricultural Society. In 1922 the Society received the royal charter and became the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania.

2 Howard Road , Glenorchy TAS 7010, Australia
+61 03 6272 6812
+61 03 6273 0524
Monday -Friday 9AM -5PM, Sunday 8AM- 2PM, Show week 7AM-8PM
General admission free
Wheelchair access, parking except for show week. We welcome visitors but appointments necessary. Wednesdays preferred as archives staffed by volunteers.
Extensive grounds used for sporting as well as agricultural shows. The society has good conference facilities. There is a well patronised Sunday market.

The collection is approximately 50 shelf metres of records and artefacts related to the administrative function 7 exhibitions held by the Society. The collection includes some 2,000 Photos, catalogues, schedules, letter books, minutes from 1874, press clippings, trophies, members lists, annual reports newsletters & medallions are some of the items held.