Samford and District Historical Museum

The Museum consists of an old head teacher's residence transported to the site; a railway station building similar to the old Samford railway station; a hand-cut weather-board cream shed transported from a farm to the site; an old slab kitchen donated to the Museum and re-constructed in the grounds; laundry attached to kitchen and a machinery shed partly built with old slabs and original old cow bails. Each building displays relevant furniture, utensils, tools and goods donated by local residents. On permanent loan from the Queensland Museum is the diorama of the Samford Aboriginal Bora Ground. There is also a library and a large collection of photographs relating to the early history of the Samford Valley. Our publications include Samford Reminiscences, Vol 1,2,3,4 (pictorial).

Station Street, Samford, QLD
10am-4pm Sun, closed Easter and Christmas school holidays
Adults $2, children 50c
Library, toilets, shop, guided tours and school projects
Approximately 1,500 items; Approximately 1,500 photographs