Quilt No.783CN - Charlotte Nattey

Charlotte Nattey
Charlotte Nattey
Frances Donaldson
Made in
IRELAND Ballycastle
1881 - 1900
Quilt in cottons and linens with the centre frame featuring an eight pointed star surrounded by borders of pieced diamonds, squares, stars and long sashing pieces. The entire quilt has been overstitched in a chevron running stitch 15mm apart. If there is padding it has flattened completely. The backing is heavy twill weave linen.
2020 x 1830mm

The quilt was made by Mrs. Frances Donaldson in Ballycastle northern Ireland c. 1900. Frances was the great grandmother of the present owner, Charlotte Nattey. It was previously owned by Charlotte's grandmother, Mrs. Millington and then her aunt Miss Mildred Millington. It is not used now.


"My great grandmother was a wonderful needlewoman - mind you she did nothing else! She was in a position to have all the staff she required and spent her life indulging her passion! She made beautiful Carrickmacross lace - collars, cuffs, wedding veils etc and I understand was involved in that cottage industry. She also embroidered prolifically - from babies dresses to blouses, hankies, nightdresses etc. One amazing piece I have is about 2.5 metres of heavy broderie anglais of about 70cm deep which I understand was my grandmother's tennis dress!! ����
After her husband (a bank manager) died she divided her life into 2, 6 months at a time with each of her 2 daughters.
She obviously retained control of the family's sewing, as my aunt remembers that no one else was allowed to do a buttonhole, as she could do them so much better! My aunt also told me that during the 'Great War' she put her energies into knitting and could turn 4 pairs of sock heels a day - her maids finished off the tops! My aunt also remembers having to keep up the balls of wool and winding them from skeins draped over chair backs. My aunt was born in 1910, she must have been quite small.
I am the present custodian of the lace, embroidery and quilt."
[Charlotte Nattey 6.4.97]

Franmces Donaldson and her daughter, Edith Mary Millington
Franmces Donaldson and her daughter, Edith Mary Millington

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