Quilt No.92JM - Jeanne Mims

Jeanne Mims
Jeanne Mims
QLD South West
Nancy Melvina Kelso
Made in
1921 - 1940
Quilt top is 35mm squares of white, pink, green and blue plain cotton set asymetrically within blue diamonds. The back is plain white cotton. Each square is hand quilted. There is a blue binding.
2591 x 2160mm

The quilt was made in Iowa or North Dakota in the 1920s by Nancy Melvina Kelso who was the great aunt (on the paternal side) of the present owner. It was brought to Australia in 1975 by Jeanne Mims Mother on one of her visits to their sheep property near Winton, Qld.


The maker, Nancy Melvina Kelso, was born in 1874 in Wayne County, Iowa, and died in 1964 in the same place. She was one of 8 children of Daniel and Fannie Kelso. Nancy was the daughter who stayed at home to look after aged parents. In north Dakota she worked for many years as a secretary in a flour mill (Minot) and made quilts in her spare time.

The Kelso family c.1895. Nancy back row left.
The Kelso family c.1895. Nancy back row left.
Nancy Melvina Kelso c.1888
Nancy Melvina Kelso c.1888

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