Quilt No.986VD - Virginia DeFriest

Virginia DeFriest
Virginia DeFriest
VIC Melbourne
Virginia DeFriest
Made in
1941 - 1970
The quilt consists of 9 large rectangles each depicting a house in which the owner and her husband lived in overseas. Each house and location is identified. The houses are appliquéd and embroidered detail has been added to the houses and gardens. Plain cotton rectangles are in between the appliquéd houses. The padding is an old woollen blanket and the backing is pale green cotton percale. The quilt is tied at intervals through the 3 layers. 2180 x 490 mm

The quilt was made by the present owner and is still owned by her. It is still used.


Virginia and her husband married in 1950. Her husband's work took them to many countries including Kenya, Sierra Leone, New Zealand and Ghana. Virginia appliquéd and embroidered representations of 12 of the houses in which they lived. The quilt was started in 1964 and houses were added as they moved. In 1964 it was awarded second prize in the Royal Agricultural Society of Kenya's show in Nairobi. The certificate reads "Most interesting quilt. Delightful."

Virginia DeFries about the time she made the quilt.
Virginia DeFries about the time she made the quilt.
The house in Accra, Ghana depicted on the quilt second from the bottom on the right.
The house in Accra, Ghana depicted on the quilt second from the bottom on the right.

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