Regions of Western Australia

The Kimberley is an area that is high in natural resources. Diamonds and pearls are found in this region, but its natural beauty is attracting an increasing number of tourists.

Located between the South-West and the Goldfield-Esperance regions, and bounded by the Wheatbelt to the north, and the Sounthern Ocean to the south. The main centre for the region is Albany, 409 km from Perth.

This region is blessed with diversity of landscape and environment. Within driving distance from Perth, this region offers wide open spaces and scenic valleys, as well as wind surfing spots, fishing, and fresh lobsters.

Perth's city skyline.

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is vibrant and cosmopolitan. Part of Perth's attractiveness can be attributed to it being located on the beautiful Swan River.

Located in the North West of Western Australia, the Pilbara is a vast and dynamic region, rich in natural beauty and mineral resources. The region covers over 500,000 square kilometres extending from the Indian Ocean to the Northern Territory border.