The Kimberley is an area that is high in natural resources. Diamonds and pearls are found in this region, but its natural beauty is attracting an increasing number of tourists.

The Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberleys is the world's biggest and produces stones worth $450 million per annum.

Average summer day temperature: 
Average winter day temperature: 
Average annual rainfall: 
Average clear days: 


Average summer day temperature: 33.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 27.9°C
Average annual rainfall: 575.6mm

Broome was established as a pearling port during the 1880s and was populated by Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, Malays, and Indigenous Australians. The influence of these people, and the pearling industry, has given Broome a distinctive character and charm.

Pearling remains one of Broome's major industries and South Sea Pearls are recognised as the best in the world.

Bungle Bungle

Average summer day temperature: 36.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 30.5°C
Average annual rainfall: 790.4mm
Average clear days: 125.0

Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungle), is 3000 square km in size and is hailed as one of Australia s greatest natural wonders. Piccaninny Creek is located at the southern end of the park where spectacular formations can be seen.

Bungle Bungle Fan Palms, tough eucalypts and spinifex are all part of the diverse vegetation in this area.


Average summer day temperature: 35.0°C
Average winter day temperature: 29.6°C
Average annual rainfall: 622.4mm
Average clear days: 190.0

Located at the base of the King Sound, Derby is known as the Gateway to the Gorges and is the major stop off point for people travelling on the Gibb River Road.

Derby boasts the infamous Boab Prison Tree, ahollowed out tree with a girth of 14 metres that was used as an overnight lockup for prisoners. Other attractions are the Wharfinger's House Museum, Botanical Gardens, Royal Flying Doctor Base and School of the Air.

Durack River

The Durack River is located in the Kimberleys and flows from the central plateau to the Cambridge Gulf near Wyndham. The river travels some 240km through spectacular sandstone gorges and on to mangorve swamps. The river was named after the Durack family who were pioneer graziers in Australia.

Eighty Mile Beach

Average annual rainfall: 319.0mm

Located on the Indian Ocean, Eighty Mile Beach is a large arc of barren sand dune coastline. Take the Great Northern Highway between Port Hedland and Broome to experience this western extention of the Great Sandy Desert.

Fitzroy Crossing

Average summer day temperature: 37.7°C
Average winter day temperature: 29.6°C
Average annual rainfall: 540.1mm
Average clear days: 173.8

The town of Fitzroy Crossing was originally established as a crossing point on the Fitzroy river. It is the major access point to Geikie Gorge, Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek National Parks.

Halls Creek

Average summer day temperature: 36.8°C
Average winter day temperature: 27.1°C
Average annual rainfall: 546.3mm
Average clear days: 139.8

Hall's Creek was established for gold mining in the late 19th century. Later the town moved 14km from its origninal site because of the water supply. Hall's Creek today is a service town for trafic using the Great Northern Highway, and is known as an oasis in an otherwise arid area.

King Leopold Range

The King Leopold Range is located 145km along the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley Region. Where the country becomes rugged and dotted with high granite outcrops is recognised as the foothills of the King Leopolds.

The road leads through Inglis Gap to the top of the range and then ascends into Broome Valley. From here, the road passes Mt Bell, one of the highest peaks in the range. (Mt Ord is the highest at 93.7m above sea level). Mt Bell is also known as Elephant Hill, due to its appearance as you look back.

King Sound


Average summer day temperature: 36.3°C
Average winter day temperature: 30.8°C
Average annual rainfall: 780.3mm
Average clear days: 124.0

Kununurra was created in the early 1960's to service the Ord River Irrigation Area but it has since replaced Wyndham as the centre for the east Kimberley.

Kununurra's central location makes it an ideal stop-over to explore the Kimberley. Nearby sites include the magnificient King George Falls, the exclusive wilderness retreat at Faraway Bay, the Bungle Bungle range, or Lake Argyle.


Average summer day temperature: 37.1°C
Average winter day temperature: 31.2°C
Average annual rainfall: 754.8mm
Average clear days: 172.3

Wyndham is the most northerly port of Western Australia and the oldest town in the area.

Wyndham hosts the Top of the West Festival in August.