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Average summer day temperature: 
Average winter day temperature: 
Average annual rainfall: 
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A gold mining town which began as a tent-town in the 1890s when the Great Boulder Mine was discovered on the Golden Mile, 5km south of Kalgoorlie. Boulder is now part of the municipality of Kalgoorlie.


Average summer day temperature: 33.3°C
Average winter day temperature: 16.1°C
Average annual rainfall: 271.6mm

Coolgardie is an old gold mining town located 37km from Kalgoorlie. The National Trust have listed over 40 buildings and have declared the whole town to be an historic site.


Average summer day temperature: 26.2°C
Average winter day temperature: 17.1°C
Average annual rainfall: 623.9mm
Average clear days: 82.0

Esperance, roughly translated, is French for 'hope' and it's the French that are credited with the towns discovery, naming it and other local landmarks whilst sheltering from a storm in this area in 1792.

Ten years on Matthew Flinders sailed the glorious waters of the Bay of Isles, discovering and naming gems such as Lucky Bay and Thistle Cove.

Whalers, sealers and pirates followed as did pastoralists and miners, keen to cash in on free land and a gold boom to the north at Kalgoorlie.

Today, tourism, agriculture and fishing steer the economy of this stunning coastal community.

Beautiful coastline around Esperance.
Beautiful coastline around Esperance.


Situated in the Dundas Shire on the Nullarbor Plain, Eucla is just inside the Western Australia. The nearest centres are Norseman in Western Australia and Ceduna in South Australia, and it is where there Eucla Telegraph Station is located.

If you are looking for a bit of exercise while travelling the Nullarbor, you can drop into Eucla and play a round of golf on their 9 hole Golf Course with its grass fairway and sand greens.


Average summer day temperature: 33.8°C
Average winter day temperature: 16.7°C
Average annual rainfall: 241.7mm

Kalgoorlie is a productive gold mining town with a rich history. The first gold was found in 1893 by Paddy Hannan, and the town now has a memorial and tree dedicated to this Irishman who once picked up a stone to throw at a crow, only to discover it was gold.

Visitors to Kalgoorlie can visit the Hannans North Tourist Mine and right next to it, the new Prospectors & Miners Hall of Fame.




Average summer day temperature: 37.0°C
Average winter day temperature: 18.3°C
Average annual rainfall: 231.1mm
Average clear days: 179.9

Leonora is situated in Western Australia's heartland and is located 230 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie. It was once the site of the largest underground gold mines, but today it is an open cut mine. The 'Gwalia Museum' is located in the mine office an here you can find fascinating displays of artifacts and historical notes on Leonora




Average summer day temperature: 32.5°C
Average winter day temperature: 16.5°C
Average annual rainfall: 288.2mm
Average clear days: 139.6

Norsman is located 850km west of Perth on the Eyre Hwy in the gold mining region of Western Australia. Norseman is the last major town in Western Australia before heading east across the Nullarbor Plain. The first discoveries of gold in the area were made in 1892. Legend says that the town was named 'Norseman' after a horse, who it is claimed kicked at a large nugget on a site which later reveiled a substantial reef.


Average summer day temperature: 29.2°C
Average winter day temperature: 16.2°C
Average annual rainfall: 425.7mm
Average clear days: 75.6


Average summer day temperature: 32.8°C
Average winter day temperature: 18.0°C
Average annual rainfall: 197.3mm
Average clear days: 147.9

370km east of Kalgoorlie Rawlinna is a remote town on the Nullarbor Plain, halfway between Kalgoorlie and the WA/SA border and is only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles along the Connie Sue Highway or by train along the Trans Australia Railway.

Tjukayirla Roadhouse