Central W.A.

Average summer day temperature: 
Average winter day temperature: 
Average annual rainfall: 
Average clear days: 



Average summer day temperature: 31.5°C
Average winter day temperature: 22.5°C
Average annual rainfall: 229.6mm

Named after the British Secretary of State in the late 19th century, Lord Carnarvon. The town is located around 1000km north of Perth on the North West Coastal Highway, at the juncture of the Gascoyne river and Shark Bay. The Overseas Telecommunications earth-station, and the USA Apollo space-tracking station are located close to the town. A prawn processing works replaced the old whaling station after Austrlia placed an embargo on the killing of hump-backed whales.


Dirk Hartog Island

Dirk Hartog Island is located in Shark Bay, about 10 hours by road, and 2 hours by plane, from Perth. The island is about 80 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide at the widest point. Committed to ecologically sustainable, nature based tourism.

Named after the Duth explorer Dirk Hartog because it was on this island that Hartog landed in 1616 and left behind an engraved pewter plate.


Average summer day temperature: 32.5°C
Average winter day temperature: 22.9°C
Average annual rainfall: 294.1mm

Exmouth is located 1270km north of Perth. Features include the fabulous Ningaloo Reef and the Cape Range National Park.

Nature observers can enjoy red kangaroos, emu's, bungarras, bustards, and beautiful local wildflowers.

Turquoise Bay is ideal to snokle, with its tropical fish and corals.


Average summer day temperature: 31.7°C
Average winter day temperature: 19.4°C
Average annual rainfall: 466.6mm
Average clear days: 163.0

Known as "Sun City" because of the year around sunny climate. The area includes pristine beaches, and has excellent fishing.

Geraldton was named after the then Governor of teh colony, Sir Charles Fitzgerald. One of the major exports from the area are Rock Lobsters.

Gibson Dessert

The Gibson Desert is an arid area between the Warburton Range in the South and the Greart Sandy Desert to the North. It has proven to an inhospitable place which is only accessible in vehicles that are suited to that type of environment.

Explorer Ernest Giles crossed the Gibson Desert in 1874, and named the area after one of his party who died during the treck.


Average summer day temperature: 33.3°C
Average winter day temperature: 21.3°C
Average annual rainfall: 370.0mm
Average clear days: 182.3

At the mouth of the Murchison River Kalbarri offers spectacular scenery from the massive cliffs at Red Bluff, the magnificent river gorges to the world famous wildflowers.

Fishing from river & ocean beaches or boat. Top quality ccommodation, excellent dining and the friendly atmosphere.


Average summer day temperature: 38.1°C
Average winter day temperature: 18.8°C
Average annual rainfall: 234.5mm
Average clear days: 188.3

Meekatharra is situated 760 km. north of Perth on the Great Northern Highway, and is a mining and pastoral town.

Meekatharra is the regional headquarters for the FLYING DOCTOR SERVICE.


Mount Magnet






Shark Bay

Average summer day temperature: 40.7°C
Average winter day temperature: 22.7°C
Average annual rainfall: 214.9mm
Average clear days: 184.4

Location of the famous Monkey Mia beach where schools of dolphins swim into the shore and interact with tourists. Shark Bay is a paradise for fishermen.

Shark Bay is also famous as the landing place of the Dutch ship 'Eendracht', sailed by Dirk Hartog in 1606.


Average summer day temperature: 37.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 20.3°C
Average annual rainfall: 213.8mm
Average clear days: 146.5