Perth's city skyline.
Perth's city skyline.

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is vibrant and cosmopolitan. Part of Perth's attractiveness can be attributed to it being located on the beautiful Swan River.

Average summer day temperature: 
Average winter day temperature: 
Average annual rainfall: 
Average clear days: 
Average daily sunshine hours: 


Armadale is a place that celebrates heritage and history. Places of interest include: the Elizabethan Village (with a facsimile of Shakespear's birth place) and the Minnawarra Historic Precinct.


Cottesloe is a beachside suburb of Perth with liberal dress regulations.


Average summer day temperature: 27.3°C
Average winter day temperature: 17.1°C
Average annual rainfall: 769.2mm
Average clear days: 125.9

Fremantle is located at the mouth of the Swan River, and is the major port of Western Australia. First settled in 1829, it was a whaling centre until the 1850s.

Fremantle contains well over 100 buildings that are listed by the National Trust. The community boasts an easy going lifestyle, and an elegant cafe society.

The Femantle Markets are famous throughout Australia

Street scene in Fremantle.
Street scene in Fremantle.


Inner Perth

Average summer day temperature: 30.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 18.5°C
Average annual rainfall: 723.5mm
Average clear days: 132.2

Perth's inner city area is located on the Swann river. The Festival of Perth is held in n February/March and is a celebration of arts which lasts for 3 weeks.

Kings Park is a 400 hectare area that overlooks the Perth's central area, South Perth and the Swan and Canning rivers. Attractions within the park include the War Memorial, the Pioneer Women's Memorial, and the glasshouse and botanical gardens.

The Swan River provides many scenic parks.
The Swan River provides many scenic parks.

Mosman Park

Mossman Park is an upmarket suburb of Perth on the Swann River.


Average summer day temperature: 31.4°C
Average winter day temperature: 18.5°C
Average annual rainfall: 723.5mm
Average clear days: 132.2

Subiaco was once a significant site for Aborigines that was abundant in wildlife surrounding Lake Monger and Lake Jualbup.