Wholecloth quilt of cotton material, pink one side and yellow the other. The padding is raw cotton. Hand quilted in an all over geometric pattern of parallel lines.
2000 x 1460mm
Pauline Rogers
Machine constructed patchwork quilt of mainly cotton materials in squares. There is feather stitching as decoration along the seams. There is no padding and the backing is a wholecloth of gold damask like material.
2515 x 2312mm
"The quilt is of plain weave white cotton, quilted with white cotton thread. The design is 288 squares following the log cabin design. The lining is a fine white cotton.
The edges of the front face and the lining have been turned, and positioned within this seam is a ruffle. This ruffle is of very fine muslin with 2 rows of pin tucks along the edge. The ruffle runs along all edges of the quilt." [NGA] The quilt is not padded and is lined with white cotton fabric. 2400 x 2140mm
Embroiderers' Guild Victoria
Cotton quilt in a design called 'Crossed Canoes'. Yellow background with various coloured cotton prints. Machine pieced and hand quilted in a diamond pattern. There is a thin padding and the backing is the same yellow cotton as on the top.
2040 x 1690mm
Wholecloth quilt from Macedonia. Both sides are made of satin. Old gold colour on one side and burgundy on the other. It is machine quilted with 3 parallel lines of stitching around the edge and a double row of stitching forming triangles in the centre. The padding is raw cotton grown in (FYRO) Macedonia.
2000 x 1500mm
Machine pieced patchwork top of Tailor's samples with a backing of patches of furnishing materials. There is no padding.
1930 x 1530mm
California Rose applique in green and pink on cream background. The central block is set on point with the same decorative grape leaf and grapefruit design used as a border. The quilt is hand sewn and finely quilted. There is no padding and the backing is calico.
2450 x 210mm
Handsewn quilt of octagon shaped printed patches. Stitching is in red and white cotton. The backing is heavy cream calico. It is closely quilted in bands of floral and wave patterns.
1950 x 1600mm
Travelling rug. Wool, cotton and velvet. Handsewn, partly filled with wool blanket and hessian. The top of this rug was originally a green crushed velvet overcoat. Various parts of the garment have been unstitched and spread out to form a flat surface.
2100 x 1050mm
Quilt of floral linen and cotton with a damask centre. Lined with raw cotton and filled with kapok.
1800 x 1350mm
Jean East
Doll's quilt of crazy patchwork of cotton fabrics including handkerchiefs, mainly in checks and stripes, in pinks, yellow, blues and black, stitched to a cotton backing with herringbone stitch in embroidery thread in brown, light brown, and white..
327 x 320mm
Utilitarian quilt made from roughly square patches of tailors' samples and men's suitings. The backing is calico and a border has been formed by turning the top under. The padding is ticking and pieced reused clothing.
2000 x 1400mm
Quilt of brown woollen patchwork on both sides.
1770 x 1750mm
Children's coverlet, has a floral covering with chenille layered insert with Italian black cloth.