Quilt No.124BF - Bud and Patricia Ford

Bud and Patricia Ford
Bud and Patricia Ford
QLD South West
Mrs Small
Made in
1940 - 1970
Single bed quilt made from a variety of stud cattle show ribbons won over 20 years. The ribbons are hand stitched together and the quilt is backed with blue taffeta. It has a gold fringe.
1829 x 1220mm

The ribbons were sewn together by Mrs. Small in the 1970s for Bud and Patricia Ford the owners.
It is used in the visitors' flat at Bud and Patricia's home.


The quilt is a collection of stud cattle show ribbons won over 20 years. They are mainly reserve and grand champion ribbons for Poll Devon bulls and females at various shows including the Royal National Show.
When Bud Ford was asked if there was anything else he would like to say about the show ribbon quilt he said " No, just that showing is a waste of bloody money but a great way to have your children, when growing up, taught to care for animals, sit on a hay bale at the show and meet all the most interesting people in Queensland".


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