Strip Quilts

Margery Creek
This utility quilt is mainly constructed from long strips of cotton seed sack material. It is machine pieced and quilted by hand in a diagonal pattern. There is a red border. The backing is cotton flannelette and the padding is cotton.
1601 x 1525mm
N.S.W. Parks and Wildlife Service
The top is strips of mainly wools in blue, maroon and purple. The backing is imitation fur in brown and grey. They is no quilting. The padding appears to be a double sided pieced quilt from men's suitings or tailors' samples.
1500 x 1130mm
June Brown
This quilt has been strip pieced with no regular pattern. It seems a large quilt has been made then folded in half. The materials used are woollen skirting pieces in a variety of colours. It could be used either way. There is no padding and it is very heavy.
2100 x 1950mm
Busselton Historical Society
The strip quilt is handsewn and quilted. Quilt top has 13 panels or strips of 3 different cotton lawn floral prints. Some fabrics are now wearing. Backing is of plain white cotton. The padding is wool. Quilting features a triple row cable design with flower motifs.
2100 x 1800mm
June Brown
Pieces of heavy woollen material have been strip pieced and then joined. The joined pieces have then been folded over and restitched along the sides to make a double sided quilt. It is very heavy.
1830 x 1400mm
Powerhouse Museum
"A Northumberland quilt made from strips of saffron and white cotton; each strip is approximately 170mm wide. The quilt is hand quilted with a different pattern in each stripe: the saffron stripes have quilted plant patterns and the white stripes have curving leaf and floral patterns. The quilt is padded with white cotton wadding and backed with white cotton fabric." [PHM]
2250 x 2110mm
Maureen Brazzica
Quilt constructed from seven strips of different sized rectangular pieces of scrap curtain materials. There is a cross border at each end and an edge of floral cotton all around. Most of the seams are overseen in herringbone stitch. There is no padding and the backing is brushed cotton. 1500 x 1000mm.
National Trust of Australia (QLD)
Cot quilt of strips of printed blue and white striped cotton fabric with white strips in between. Machine pieced and hand quilted.
1194 x 915mm
Bud and Patricia Ford
Single bed quilt made from a variety of stud cattle show ribbons won over 20 years. The ribbons are hand stitched together and the quilt is backed with blue taffeta. It has a gold fringe.
1829 x 1220mm
"This unusual quilt is comprised of bands of horticultural show ribbons machined onto a blue lining. The ribbons are royal blue in colour and printed in gold/bronze with two inscriptions.
The quilt has been formed so the two inscriptions alternate down the face of the quilt. The ribbons appear to be of rayon. White cotton machine thread was used in the construction. Accompanying the quilt is a carry bag; a rectangular bag made of the same show ribbons as the quilt with a single drawstring at the top." [NGA] The quilt is not padded. 1833 x 1410mm
Quilt/rug of show ribbons. 40 woollen 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prize ribbons sewn together. Colours are blue, red, yellow and white. Backing is blue cotton.
1600 x 1600 mm
Utility quilt made from large squares of reused woollen materials joined in strips. All hand sewn. There is no padding and the backing is a piece of woollen material. 2000 x 1300mm