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NSW Central West
Susannah Gibbs
Made in
1851 - 1880
Frame quilt with central square of floral patterned chintz with a yellow background, surrounded by borders of squares and rectangular pieced fabrics, dark pieces mostly alternating with light. It is hand pieced and flat quilted.

Owned by Susannah Gibbs (1828 -1896) who married Obadiah Hoath and came to Australia in 1856. Their daughter Hannah Maria Hoath (1861 - 1945) gave the quilt to her granddaughter Irene Kilfoyle, who donated the quilt to Dubbo Museum in 1983.


Susannah Gibbs (1828 - 1896) and Obadiah Hoath (1830 - 1878) were married in England and came to Australia in 1856. The quilt came with Susannah. It was stored in a wooden trunk which got wet on the voyage and the quilt still has some water marks from this.
Susannah and Obadiah went to Daylesford and lived there all their lives. Obadiah was a bricklayer. One of their children was Hannah Maria (1861 - 1945) who married Hugh Griffith in 1893. Hannah was a dressmaker. They lived in Victoria until 1912 when they came to Eumungerie (small town near Dubbo) where land was opened up and they had a block until about 1927 when they came into Dubbo.
Hannah was Irene Kilfoyle's grandmother and gave her the quilt. Irene gave the quilt to Dubbo Museum in 1983, together with other items that had belonged to her great grandmother Susannah.


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