Quilt No.206RE - Robyn Ellis

Robyn Ellis
VIC Melbourne
Elizabeth Ellis
Made in
1941 - 1970
Patchwork quilt made from rectangles and squares of wool fabric, sewn into strips and then sewn together. Both sides are pieced using family clothing, cut up and reused.
1449 x 1017mm

Made by Elizabeth Ellis (born Parish) at Preston (VIC) probably late 1940s or early 1950s. Previously owned by Lindsay Ellis and Goldia Ellis, now owned by Elizabeth's grand-daghter Robyn Ellis.


"Both sides are pieced, using clothing from the family that has been cut up. Included are pieces from woollen pin striped suits, wool skirts, knitted jumpers, khaki pieces from what we believe is an army uniform, probably belonging to either Stan Ellis or Harold Ellis, sons of Elizabeth. It includes knitted vests, and parts from one of my father's best woollen suits. Nothing was ever thrown away, when it could be used. Some of the pieces have small holes, acquired through use, and some pieces have had the colour run into the neighbouring piece. It's a piece of our family history, not a great piece of beauty.
Elizabeth and her husband Edward Walter Ellis met at Wnesleydale, Victoria and were married at Christ Church Geelong on 21-1-1905. They lived at Boorangarook where Edward was a teacher; New Grisborne and at � Preston. They had 8 children. Both were greatly involved with the church of All Saints, Preston � where Edward was the secretary. Elizabeth made many of these waggas/blankets out of recycled clothing and gave them to the mission of St James and St John. She also made them for her family. An aunt also has one of many floor rugs that she made. My aunt & mother have identified many pieces of clothing as belonging to different members of the Ellis family. It was a serviceable item and Elizabeth made many of them."
We called it a rug or a blanket, it was used for warmth on the bed, or as a knee rug. I rescued it from use in protecting furniture in transit."
[Robyn Ellis 2.12.97]

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