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National Trust of Australia (SA)
National Trust of Australia (SA)
SA Country
Emily Augusta Kingdon
Made in
1851 - 1880
Double bed patchwork coverlet of pieced blocks in a pinwheel or dresden plate pattern of prints on a cream ground, each block with a 1 3/4" border or sash. Each pinwheel has 10 pieces, and the quilt is constructed 8 blocks by 6. Cotton fabrics are in florals, checks and stripes, in blues, greens browns, pinks, purple. The quilt was in poor repair and has been reduced in size. Conservation work has been done by the State Conservation Centre.
Backing or filling unknown.

Believed to have been made by Emily Augusta Kingdon on the voyage to South Australia after her marriage in England to Young Bingham Hutchinson in 1852. Used by the Hutchinson Family. Acquired by the National Trust of Australia (South Australia), the Goolwa Museum, c.1970.


"Mr Young Bingham Hutchinson came to South Australia in 1836 aboard the ship Buffalo. Mr Hutchinson was involved in exploration in the area south of Adelaide in 1837 in company with Strangways and others.
In 1852 he returned to England and married Augusta Emily Kingdon and returned to South Australia.
It is believed that on this journey Mrs Hutchinson made the quilt that some years ago was given by her family into the care of the Goolwa Museum.
While the quilt has been in the museum for many years it has not been displayed in ideal conditions.
Recently the Quilters Guild donated a quilt to the museum to be raffled to raise funds for the conservation and display of the Hutchinson quilt. The proceeds of this raffle along with further fund raising as well as a State Government grant of $450 presented by Premier Dean Brown last Friday to Museum Chairman Frank Tuckwell has amounted to $1200, the complete quilt conservation cost.
The quilt conservation/display project was undertaken by Yilki Picture Framers in consultation with Artlabs Australia in Adelaide and the result shows this work of art in all its beauty. �"
[From Southern Argus 15/2/96]


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