Quilt No.312JL - Joyce Lacey

Joyce Lacey
Joyce Lacey
QLD South West
Ivy Campbell
Made in
Wholecloth utility quilt covered with good quality cotton printed with posies of pink, blue and green flowers and leaves, the top side has darker colours than the reverse. Filling is made from old blanket pieces, cardigans and pullovers stitched to an old blanket. Top and back machine stitched together.
1601 x 991mm

Made by Ivy Campbell (born Castle, 1901-1957), in the Lockyer Valley (Qld), and owned by her daughter, Joyce Lacey. Called the 'wagga' or the 'wagga rug'.


The quilt has been used for moving furniture and sent to Scout camp with Joyce's son Graham when he was younger.
"My mother Ivy taught herself to sew on a Singer treadle machine. She was a very good sewer, crocheter, & knitter. Lockyer, on the main line between Brisbane & Toowoomba, was a railway workers community. Ivy would do dressmaking for neighbours & charge 2/6 a dress!'
Ivy Campbell's parents were Charles & Ada Castle. The 5 children were, Reg b.1914, Ruby b.1899 never married, Amy b.1909, Ivy b.1902, Harry b.1905
[In the photo]: Ivy's dress would have been made by her, also the collar. Amy bought her dress from a Sydney outfitters catalogue. Amy made Ruby's dress - also my grandmothers, Ivy's mother's dress.- although my grandmother was quite capable of making dresses in her old age & she may have made both her own & Ruby's dresses.
If Amy made her a dress that she (Grandmother) regarded as being too large, she would unpick some of it and take it in when Amy was away for a day. Her dress (grandmother's) in the photo does look a good fit.
[In the other photo] Eric Campbell, Ivy Campbell (nee Castle) and their 4 children,Joyce b.1924, twins Joan and Jean b.1926, Keith b.1928.
Ivy's brother Harry was in the car (bought new in 1926 a BUICK I think). He was taking us from the CASTLE farm to the Railway Station at CROWS NEST (nth of Toowoomba) for our return to Toowoomba & then another train to where we lived down the range at LOCKYER railway siding."
[Joyce Lacey 1998]

Charles & Ada Castle, Reg, Ruby, Amy, Ivy, Harry
Charles & Ada Castle, Reg, Ruby, Amy, Ivy, Harry
Eric & Ivy Campbell, Joyce, Joan & Jean, Keith
Eric & Ivy Campbell, Joyce, Joan & Jean, Keith

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