Quilt No.416MC - Margery Creek

Margery Creek
Margery Creek
QLD South West
Olive Creek
Made in
1941 - 1970
Double Wedding Ring' cotton pieced quilt. Machine constructed and hand quilted. Padding is Mountain Mist cotton. The backing is unbleached calico.
2160 x 1855mm

The quilt was made by Olive Goldie Dingley Creek (born 1924) in 1964 in Maryland USA. It was given to Gene (Eugene) and Margery Creek for a wedding gift and the quilt was brought to Australia in 1976 when the Creeks decided to live in Australia on a semi permanent basis. It is still used.
"Mountain Mist cotton batting was sold in a white paper bag, on the paper was printed a variety of quilt patterns. This pattern, however, was provided by my neighbour Viola Stottermeyer of western Maryland USA."[Olive Goldie Dingley Creek 27.9.97]


"This quilt was made as a technical challenge. The Home Makers' group/club were constructing Double Wedding Ring by hand. I decided that if you could put in a sleeve ie a curve you could construct Double Wedding Ring pieces by machine. And I did! This was the start of encouraging my mother to move away from utility quilts and concentrate on making pretty quilts.
My mother Estella Goldie Hendershot Dingley (1898-1976) made many quilts and quilt tops in her lifetime. Estella made 100 or so quilts and tops from this time on." [Olive Goldie Dingley Creek 27.9.97]

Olive Goldie Dingley Creek 1997
Olive Goldie Dingley Creek 1997

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