Quilt No.447PS - Pat Stevenson

Pat Stevenson
Pat Stevenson
VIC Melbourne
Pat Stevenson
Made in
1941 - 1970
Double sided quilt constructed from large irregular shaped pieces of dress materials from the fifties. They are machine sewn onto old sheeting and there is a turquoise and white print binding 45mm wide. The padding is cotton wadding.
1245 x 712mm

The quilt was made by the present owner, in Melbourne, in 1959 for her first nephew born in July 1959. It was owned by his mother Gwen Nixon and is now owned by the maker Pat Stevenson. It is used occasionally.


" I had not thought of these quilts as quilts until showing them to fellow quilters for the genuine fifties period fabrics and had not connected them to my present occupation as a patchworker and quilter.
I started with the American style patchwork in 1980 and onwards, teaching it to High School students until my retirement in 1993 when I joined a group of Essenden Quilters and now spend a large amount of time creating new quilts." [Pat Stevenson 14.5.98] The quilt was made in the same style as the single bed quilt Pat owns made by Elsa Beaves.


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