Quilt No.521FW - Fran Williams

Fran Williams
Fran Williams
Made in
1881 - 1900
Hand pieced cotton quilt in Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. Shirtings, chintzes, roller prints. 240mm ruffle in paisley pattern on 3 sides, probably a later addition. The backing is a heavy Indian cotton possibly also put on later. There is no quilting at all. There is no padding.
2000 x 2240mm

The maker is unknown. The present owner and others believe the materials date the quilt around the 1880s. It was originally purchased in the 1950s, with a cedar bed, by Mrs. Ada Ball from a Mr. Hortin, antique dealer, Tasmania. Ada gave it to her friend Dr. Geraldine Archer, a well known gynaecologist. When Gerry adopted a thalidomide boy Ada became his nanny. Gerry didn't like the quilt so it was put in a pillow case and into the linen closet for 40 years. On her death in 1991 there was a huge sale but as the quilt was one of the things Ada had given her she took it back. The Greens wanted a donation for a fund raising auction so she gave it to them. Fran Williams purchased it at the Greens auction.
It is not used.


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The quilt consists of 2 layers of random pieces of woollen coating and suiting materials machined together, very dark colours on one side and a mixture of dark and lighter on the other. The 2 layers are quilted together with a row of machining and has a folded and machine stitched edge. There is no padding.
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Quilt is hand pieced.
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